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Welcome to "If I Kill U U Will Die"
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A little bit about us:
1)  We are newly formed and looking for more alliance players on Demon Soul. We were created by a horde player who is a guild leader on same server of a lvl 17 horde guild (this means he is experienced at running successful guilds). So for you out there who are strictly alliance this may be tough to handle and not the guild for you, but for you open minded individuals you will see the many possible upsides to this arrangement. As you all know the Auction House and economy on the allie side is less than stellar. But with a lvl 17 guild at our disposal we can smuggle horde contraband in thru booty bay gearing our guild far quicker and cheaper than most others. We can also kill that annoying allie farmer who keeps stealing your nodes or maybe talk a horde from camping you... there really are many things that can be done just need imagination.
2) What other incentives are there for joining guild besides the horde embargo? :)  Well after being in a repressive guild on allie (we won't name names but lets just say they are No champions in that guild house what so ever) We decided a more laid back guild with people allowed to be themselves and actually rewarded for it was in order.
So coming to IF I KILL U U WILL DIE you can be yourself even if that is a smartass. Nothing like a good laugh.
    But wait there's more.... for every member that joins we are offering 500g to you when you hit honored with guild, 1k gold when you hit revered, and 2k more when you become exalted. 
3) OK so what about the name? Well after feeling like we couldn't say 1 joke or be even semi amusing in that other guild we wanted to make sure that our title relayed we enjoy PVP but also have a sense of humor. The original title for the guild was suppose to be IF U KILL HIM HE WILL DIE..  a take off of the old field of dreams saying "If U Build It He Will Come" and a South Park saying "U GO To Hell, U Go To Hell and Die" but unfortunately the title we wanted was 1 letter too long.. so here we are, adjusted title and all .... IF I KILL U U WILL DIE was born.
4) You already in a good guild on this server? Well my honest opinion is stay there, but think about bringing in your alt to have fun and help make another relevant guild on this server. As you are aware if you are on demon soul there are only a handful of them on the allie side.

Please whisper Ryp on Demon Soul for invite or questions.

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Website to be updated daily!

Liquidator Ryp, Feb 28, 11 9:47 PM.
Our website is live now to let people get to know us. We will update daily until it is of the quality of what these members deserve!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Liquidator Ryp, Feb 27, 11 12:34 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Demon Soul (PvP)
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